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The investment philosophy of Arosa's investment approach is centered around fundamental research to identify opportunities, emerging sector themes and valuation dislocations.

Our focus on proprietary research coupled with experience, relationships and knowledge of the energy and related sectors allow us the opportunity to identify qualitative and quantitative company specific catalysts.

Our research helps us identify investable secular trends and events. We then combine our company-specific and thematic views with our understanding of the energy markets in order to define investable opportunities across our strategies.

The foundational pillars

The foundational pillars of our investment approach are our sector focus; our cross-asset expertise; and our culture of collaboration.

Our Sector

Our Sector Focus

  • Sector expertise developed over the years positions us to identify opportunities.
  • Established relationships, fostered across industries, provide valuable insights and access.
  • We have extensive knowledge of the companies in our universe as well as their management teams.
  • Deep quantitative and qualitative fundamental analysis underlies our investments.
  • We can extrapolate how thematic shifts will play out across sectors, companies, and markets.

Our Collaborative

Our Collaborative Culture

  • Our analysts contribute to each other’s research, ensuring that each idea is thoroughly vetted.
  • Ongoing team discussions provide insights across the value chain and may bring to light other avenues in which to play a theme or idea.
  • Our analysts are experienced at looking at each investment for suitability across the various portfolios.
  • Our team’s history of actively working together on all names means every position has undergone multiple levels of scrutiny.
  • Because of Arosa’s holistic approach across the entire energy spectrum, we retain a clarity and objectivity towards each subsector that counteracts any confirmation bias.

Cross Asset

Cross Asset Expertise

  • We leverage the synergies we derive from investing across energy sectors and asset classes.
  • By investing in public and private companies, we gain greater visibility into developing trends and market shifts.
  • Active private investment pipeline informs and benefits all portfolios.
  • Our attention to, and investment in, the credit space, allows us to keep a pulse on the macroeconomic backdrop, which is critical to the energy sector.
  • Our venture capital investments allow us the opportunity to identify emerging technologies and trends.

Arosa utilizes a robust, non-linear investment process to maximize our investment team’s knowledge, strong industry relationships, and in-depth research capabilities.